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When a Company Is Rated by the Better Business Bureau

Jeffrey L. Wendel

· business,non profit

Since 2001, financial advisor and consultant Jeffrey L. Wendel has been serving Wendel Retirement Planning as the CEO. Under the leadership of Jeffrey L. Wendel, Wendel Retirement Planning has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB is a nonprofit organization that promotes trust between buyers and sellers in the marketplace. The BBB helps consumers find professionals, companies, and organizations that they can trust.

Companies are rated by the BBB according to their interaction with customers. The BBB assigns letter grades, with A+ as the highest and F as the lowest. Using a 100-point scale, A+ is equivalent to 97-100, while F is equivalent to 0-59.99. The BBB ratings, however, do not guarantee the reliability or performance of a company.

The calculation of the rating is based on:
- the company’s complaint history with BBB,
- the type of business,
- the time in business,
- the transparency of the company’s business practices,
- the company’s honoring of commitments, and
- advertising issues.
The ratings can either rise or fall according to the aforementioned factors.

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